About Us

ShopSusenji is Singapore's Official Distributor of Susenji products under 3Q.

3Q Quinn Sdn Bhd, better known as 3Q, was founded in 2016 by our 25-year old CEO Queenie Kwok. Motivated by the belief that every woman deserves to be beautiful, Queenie decided to venture into business and establish her own company that sells health products enabling all women to stay healthy and beautiful at the same time.

3Q emphasizes on 3 important guidelines for our products - Quality, Quantity and Qualification. With this in mind, we bring you 5 main products -
Susenji MOFA+ - Detox Drink
Susenji Ollie - Carb Blocker & Awaken Metabolism
Susenji Shake - Meal Replacement
Susenji Sculpt - Upgraded Fat Burning Lotion with Rollers
Susenji Depuff - Reduces Water Retention and Body Fat
Susenji Luna - Skincare Supplement for Luminous Skin

Starting from just a group of 4 in 2016, 3Q Queen has grown to a size of more than 2,500 distributors now. Lead by Queenie, our favourite company motto is - "没有公主的命就打造女王的心", which translated means "One may not be born a Princess, but could definitely possess a heart to be a Queen".

3Q believes in focusing on the professionalism and mentality of its distributors, and at the same time,focusing on the good quality and reputation of our products in the market. 3Q team provides a stable and huge platform to help our distributors start their own businesses; at the same time, the team provides marketing training, materials, strong support for one another,and unlimited supply of resources.

The founder, Queenie Kwok, stands firm on only making quality products, giving strong support to team partners, and improving the team partners through professional training. 3Q’s slogan “3Q One Team, One Spirit, One Win”.

For more information on 3Q Queen, view our company timeline below or visit our company website at http://3qqueen.com/